bio pic 2Iyengar Yoga with Mike Farr

Iyengar Yoga in Berkhamsted

After falling a 100ft onto rocks, I was lucky to be alive, Iyengar Yoga helped to heal me, with the use of props and an intergrated approach to yoga, I was able to regain my previous ability and surpass it beyond my wildest expectations.

Iyengar yoga has been described as a meditation in action and most importantly it is accessible to anyone. Regular practice increases suppleness, strength and stamina. The discipline improves posture, concentration and quietens the mind to promote wellbeing. Practising yoga positions with awareness has an intergrating effect and works to harmonise mind and body.

When I practise, I am a philosopher; when I teach, I am a scientist. When I demonstrate I am an artist.

BKS Iyengar