For many yogis, their regular yoga practice and meditation tend to go hand in hand. Meditation can be an important part of setting intentions, practicing mindfulness, and reflecting on the more traditional elements of yogic philosophy. Some individuals even find it helpful to maintain a meditation practice and space that is completely separate from their regular yoga practice.

If you’re considering diving further into the world of meditation, what should you know about the proper attire required? It can be a lot simpler to dress appropriately for meditation than for yoga, where wardrobe malfunctions abound. Here’s what you need to know about selecting the right outfit for meditation.

Choose comfortable pants.

This is perhaps the most important element of dressing for meditation practice. You will spend a long period of time sitting comfortably, so it’s imperative to find a pair of workout pants that allows you to cross at the shins and sit up comfortably. Many individuals prefer the feel of a pair of yoga leggings because they fit snugly against the leg muscles. This prevents bunching behind the knees when crossing at the shins.

You should ensure that your yoga pants don’t hug your midsection uncomfortably and inhibit the flow of the breath. Breathing is an essential part of moving deeper into your meditation and practice and that’s why it should never be restricted by your workout clothing.

Wear a loose top.

If you’re practicing meditation separate from your yoga practice, a loose-fitting top is ideal. You won’t be moving through any sequences that require you to bend or invert your body, which means you don’t have to worry about unwanted exposure. A loose top, whether you choose a long-sleeve variety or a tank top, can help you to sit more comfortably and breathe freely in your meditation space.

You may also opt for a wrap or blanket to cover your shoulder during meditation. Because the body isn’t moving or building heat, some individuals find that they feel chilly throughout their practice. It can be distracting to your overall meditation practice if you’re overly focused on your body temperature instead of your intentions.

Socks are acceptable.

While you are ultimately trying to create a sacred space for your meditation practice, you want to be comfortable also. A good pair of thick socks can certainly help to regulate the body temperature, especially during the chillier months of fall and winter.

Stand out with a jumpsuit.

When many yogis think of meditation, the classic image of a flowing white robe tends to come to mind. Opt for a modern-day version of this traditional garb with a jumpsuit. Not only is it very comfortable and breathable while you sit on your meditation cushion, but it is also a very popular fashion trend. Look for subtle patterns or fun seasonal colors to boost your prana energy or alter your mood during your practice.

With the right style and cut, jumpsuits can transition from your meditation practice into the workday or an afternoon out and about with friends. This comfortable solution to your meditation outfit makes it easy to incorporate this practice into other areas of your life.